Having mesmerized millions of people around the world, Brad Ross has been hailed by audiences & critics alike as magic’s hottest star! Presenting MORE than just a magic show, Brad takes his audiences on a journey into a world where anything is possible and gives you an experience you’ll never forget!

With great pride, extreme honor & genuine humility, Brad is thrilled to be living his dream sharing his passion with the world, on a daily basis. Perhaps best put by The Los Angeles Times, Brad Ross provides “…a razzle-dazzle exhibition of slight of hand, levitation, tricky, escapes, and other mind bending magic…Not to be missed.” The face of magic has indeed changed to reflect International Star Illusionist, Brad Ross.

“Audiences LOVE Him!”

– Six Flags

What People Are Saying About Brad Ross!

“Brad, YOU ROCK!

– Rosie O’Donnell – TV Host


– ABC Television

“…Simply THE Best…”

– The New York Times

” …Must SEE Magic…”

– NBC Television

WORLD-CLASS Illusions…”

– CBS Television

“It’s awesome… a one of a kind show filled with
MAGIC and WORLD CLASS illusions, fun for the whole family.
It’s AMAZING – check it out!”

– FOX News

One-of-a-Kind Magic Show!”

– The New York Times

“Brad Ross is a VERY DYNAMIC Performer… WE LOVE HIM

– Jerry Bilik, Vice President
Creative Development, Feld Entertainment, Inc.

“…a one-of-a-kind magic show! It is LAUGHS, CHEERS and MAGIC TRICKS in this onstage adventure…”

– The New York Times

“……a RAZZLE DAZZLE exhibition of slight of hand, levitation, tricky, escapes, and other MIND BENDING MAGIC…Not to be missed.

– The Los Angeles Times

“This ONE-OF-KIND show gives parents and children the power to see magic everywhere. We take them on an INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEY… where they learn to find the magic within and all around them. At the same time, families will see WORLD CLASS ILLUSIONS that will truly take their breath away.”

– The Miami Herald


– The NJ Star Ledger

ASTONISHING magic… illusionist Brad Ross is both MESMERIZING and SURREAL.

– Albany Journal

“Dazzling, Grand Illusions!”

– Time Out, Dubai

“…wholesome family entertainment… its’ inspiration, it’s magic, it’s truly the SEEDS OF DREAMS. I want to thank my friend Brad Ross for entertaining us. You are a living example that dreams do come true. Shows like this bring entertainment, energy and excitement, but also THE STUFF THAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF.
Thank you very much!

– Mayor Corey Booker, Newark, New Jersey

“A SEASONED PROFESSIONAL…Brad was a great choice [for Disney LIVE] and we were lucky to get him. He’s one of those fellows who can really do it all, from warming up the audience to leading applause, goosing the kids through a sucker trick with disarming shrug, or performing HIGH POWER ILLUSIONS… He’s a personality to be reckoned with – believable as a ‘professional associate’ of Mickey Mouse’s, or the cheerful big brother to the thousands of kids in the audience.”

– Disney LIVE presents Mickey’s Magic Show

“Brad’s experience with touring shows around the world, as the featured magician in “Mickey’s Magic Show,” has made him one of the most EXPERIENCED and RESPECTED performers in this field. He presents his own show of SPECTACULAR ILLUSIONS, charming audiences with his humor and creating
LASTING MEMORIES with his magic.

– Alana Feld, Disney Live! producer and
Feld Entertainment Executive Vice President

he knows what he does well. So far, it seems one of those things is this show. Brad will continue to be a star for the foreseeable future…[and] his
ENTHUSIASM is truly heartfelt… all American, squeaky clean, Disney type…A PERFECT FIT!

– MAGIC Magazine

“We hired Brad to perform before an audience of 500 major media and entertainment executives, folks that have seen it all. Brad’s magic was a SPECTACULAR way to start our event. He is definitely a CROWD PLEASER . His professionalism off stage is every bit as great as his showmanship on stage. He’s a
and a great human being. Meeting planners take note, this is definitely a guy you want to hire for your next event.”

– Joyce Tudryn, President International Radio & Television Society

“I have worked with many performers throughout the world, including having choreographed David Copperfield’s Television specials, as well as his Broadway show. Having had the opportunity to work with a wide range of professionals has given me an APPRECIATION for those who are truly talented and committed to their craft. Brad Ross is one such young man. Brad exhibits an ADMIRABLE WORK ETHIC, tireless in his quest for improvement, willing to put in the required time to deliver a SUPERIOR PRODUCT. His enthusiasm is infectious…and he is a vibrant performer with an excellent grasp of physical comedy… I highly recommend Brad Ross.”

– Joanie Spina, Director Choreographer & Theatrical Consultant

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