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“Spikes Of Fire”

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Brad Ross is A Modern Day Houdini
“Escape From Death Saws”


[…] Illusionist Extraordinaire

– ABC Television

[…] …mind-bending…
world class illusions.

– CBS Television

About International Star Illusionist Brad Ross

Featured on TV’s The Rosie O’Donnell Show, Brad Ross wowed the talk show queen. Over 500 national & international TV Appearances to date including FOX TV’s Good Day New YorkDecco DriveNBC-TVCBSABCUPNThe WB NetworkDisney ChannelTelemundoTetsuko’s RoomDisney Channel MexicoDisney Channel Japan, and others. Ross is the recipient of the prestigious Merlin Award presented by the world’s largest organization for magicians, The International Magician’s Society. In recognition of his work entertaining children and families all over the globe, Ross was named “Best International Family Entertainer.” The Merlin Award, known as the Oscar equivalent for the magic industry, is the highest honor bestowed by the magic community and is based on talent, showmanship, originality, skills and the ability to entertain under any conditions.

Previous recipients include David Copperfield; Siegfried & Roy; Criss Angel; and Kenneth Feld, producer of the Disney Live! shows and the most successful live illusion show of all time, Siegfried & Roy®. “I am proud to honor and recognize Brad Ross for his extraordinary contributions to the magic community,” comments Tony Hassini, World President of The International Magician’s Society. “His interactive, engaging style and amazing feats of magic have won him the respect and admiration of his peers and families all over the world.” Disney Live! producer and Feld Entertainment Executive Vice President Alana Feld states, “Brad epitomizes the essence of all Feld Entertainment productions: quality, live family entertainment that inspires and engages the audience. This honor is a tribute to the passion and dedication he continuously exhibits, and I’m thrilled that he now joins the ranks of the world’s greatest magicians.” “I am extremely honored to receive the prestigious Merlin Award and am grateful for all the teachers, mentors, friends and family who have encouraged me through the years and given me the tools that I needed to help live my dream,” Ross says.

A current member of The International Brotherhood of MagiciansThe Society of American MagiciansThe International Magician’s Society & KIDabra International, Brad Ross is also the founder of Get Well Magic, a charity program, which brings magic into hospitals as a form of rehabilitation for patients. Brad gets an enormous amount of enjoyment from his charity work. Each year dozens of groups come to Brad Ross to headline their fundraisers and benefits. Working with AIDS FoundationAmerican Cancer SocietyJuvenile DiabetesMake-A-Wish Foundation, as well as many hospitals, Brad’s magic has touched a countless number of lives, even those outside of the theaters and arenas he plays. Continuing to make his dreams come true, Brad tours world-wide and always looks forward to meeting and sharing his passion with people from all walks of life and every corner of the globe. To fellow magicians, Brad is a secret weapon. He is a well known author, speaker and cutting edge marketing guru to magicians & entertainers all over the world. Through his motivational marketing home study courses, virtual and LIVE seminars as well as private mentoring/ coaching program, Brad is helping fellow entrepreneurs live their dreams, through his techniques and direction. He is author of more than 100 books, audio, internet webinar and DVD based training programs including “The IT Factor: Secrets to Skyrocketing Your Career!” He is also the producer of It Factor LIVE an annual intensive marketing workshop for exclusively for professional magicians who are hand selected by Ross.

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How Can I Book Brad Ross?

Brad Ross is available for bookings worldwide. To get more information as well as receive our electronic press kit, please CLICK HERE.

Where Can I See Brad Ross Perform LIVE on Stage?

Brad Ross tours worldwide. To keep up to date with our latest tour schedule, please join our mailing list to be updated when the Brad Ross Show is in your area as well as receive special discounts on tickets, tour merchandise/ souvenirs, TV Appearances and other special offers. ALSO NOTE – WE NEVER SHARE YOUR NAME OR EMAIL – BRAD HATES SPAM TOO!

Does Brad Ross do Key Note Speeches/ Speak for Corporations, Schools & Organizations?

As a matter of fact, HE DOES! Brad Ross, is an accomplished motivational speaker. His key-notes are inspirational & motivational as he shares his own personal story of being the boy next door with dreams of magic and how he worked his way up the ladder of success; from kids birthdays parties to the largest stages around the world. Complete with attendee/ guest support materials, and goal setting/ dream living tools, your attendees are guaranteed an emotional rollercoaster and a magical key-note like they’ve never experienced before! Contact us today to learn more about Brad Ross for your speaking engagement, simply CLICK HERE

Does Brad Ross Perform At Smaller Private Events?

Due to Brad’s touring schedule, he DOES book up very fast for available dates. He is only able to accept a limited amount of private bookings, so the sooner we know about your event, the better your chances are of Brad being available.

We do our best to accommodate private bookings, so please allow us to learn about your event & entertainment needs. Simply CLICK HERE to fill out our HASSLE FREE – NO OBLIGATION EVENT INFO REQUEST FORM and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

How did you get started in magic?

My parents hired a magician to perform at my 5th Birthday Party, named Sandorse The Magician & His Magical Animals. I was immediately hooked when I got to wear a top hat & cape, wave the magic wand a magic a real live bunny rabbit appear.

What was it like working with Mickey Mouse on tour a decade?

I have to say, growing up as a HUGE Disney fanatic, it was literally a dream come true! Fans would come up to me after my shows, and say, “You’re SO Disney…you should go work for them.” Little did I know that my future held a spot, touring the globe with the world’s most famous mouse!

What has been your favorite place to visit & perform, in the entire world?

I have really enjoyed traveling to so many different parts of the world and experiencing people from all walks of life. But I’d have to say my favorite place was Japan. I had no idea how beautiful that country really is until I got to spend 2 months living and performing there. The people were so welcoming and warm. I cannot wait to go back again!

What are some of your favorite magic moments in your career?

I think each step of my career has a special place in my memory & heart. I’ve always believed in “not settling.” Whenever you have achieved a certain level of success, if you stop there, you stop growing. Instead, each time I see a goal come to fruition or a dream come true, I reach to a higher star and shoot for that next dream.

The first booking of my illusion show at Six Flags in 2003 was like a dream come true – 10 years prior to that I had been sitting in a theater in Las Vegas watching legends of magic like Lance Burton and Siegfried& Roy. Then there I was, a decade later, performing those same illusions. In 2005 when I booked the world tour of Disney LIVE presents Mickey’s Magic Show, I became the first magician in history to be selected to perform alongside Mickey Mouse, not as an assistant, but recognized as a talent good enough to share the stage with THE ICON of the Walt Disney Company. Words cannot describe the feeling I had when I got that call… that was a pretty good day 😉

Another moment I am so proud of is being recognized by The International Magician’s Society as “Best International Family Entertainer” and presented with the prestigious Merlin Award (Magic’s equivalent of the Oscar). It was definitely another “pinch myself” moment that I’ll always hold near & dear!

Who are/were your greatest influences?

Gosh, there are so many… First I’d have to say, David Copperfield…A Jewish Kid from Jersey who Became the Greatest Illusionist of All Time and gave me hope that another Jewish kid from Jersey could achieve success in the world of magic! Of course, Walt Disney…A Man Who Wouldn’t Give Up and Follow His Dreams to Completion! Doug Henning…who set the stage that allowed magic to become what it has become today. Jerry Seinfeld…A genius of comedy, an incredible entertainer and a smart businessman. Larry David… Hilarious writer & comedian who can make even the simplest situation LOL FUNNY! My Grandpa… a man who passed away when I was only 7. He always dreamed of becoming an entertainer but poor health and a hard life got in the way. Anytime the going gets tough, I remember his dreams of a career in bright lights, and somehow find a way to forge ahead and never give up! The Audience… I think the thing that pushes me furthest is always keeping the audience at the top of my mind. Coming up with new magic and ideas that will take the audience away from their every day life and transport them to a magical world where anything is possible.

How many shows do you do a year?

I typically perform anywhere from 500 shows a year. If working a jam-packed theme park schedule in the summer, I’ve been known to perform as many as 5 shows a day, 6 days a week for 3 months! But to me, it’s not work…it’s the fulfillment of a dream.

How long do you rehearse & practice for shows?

It varies depending on what our schedule is. When opening a brand new show that has all new illusions, sets and cast, we rehearse anywhere from 3-5 weeks. If we’re starting out for a new season, with returning cast, using illusions that have already been tested in front of audiences, but with a few new additions, it might just be 2 weeks of rehearsals. But overall, we have so many elements coming together into one illusion show, that we need to account for anything and everything that can happen while on the road performing, including back up plans and “what if” scenarios.

What is your BEST trick?

Making the audience disappear. Not literally, but in their own minds. You see, when you go to see a show as an audience member, I want you to forget about your every day life, the bills you have to pay, the big test at school and even the tweets and facebook status updates you need to make. Instead I want you to get lost in a world where anything can happen, where the impossible, IS POSSIBLE, where the improbable, IS PROBABLE and where dreams CAN and DO come true. And as long as I’m doing my job, YOU are guaranteed to disappear and that is the greatest magic trick of all. An don’t worry, after the show, when that curtain closes, you’ll instantly be transported back to the real world, but I hope a little happier & more magical!

Have you ever had an illusion go wrong or a horrible disaster on stage?

OOOOH YES! LOL! I may be an illusionist, but Im still human, and as Murphy’s Law says, “When something can go wrong it probably will.”

Having worked theme parks for so many years as well as toured to so many different places, I’ve pretty much encountered everything that can go wrong at some point. It’s the nature of LIVE THEATER. From total power failure, having to stall and perform magic with only a flashlight on stage at the Grand Theater in Shenzhen, China, to a cast member falling right off the front of the stage at the Township Auditorium in Columbia, South Carolina, and having to keep the audience entertained and distracted while the situation was stabilized…yup, things can go wrong. BUT, the key in those situations is to remember that the show must go on and resort back to my past experiences and keep the show moving forward. It’s funny, in most cases, the audience never knew something was wrong, because we kept cool and kept making magic 😉

You work with volunteers and a lot of kids on stage, what is the funniest thing a kid ever said to you on stage?

Funny you should ask…While on tour one season, I was performing at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, in Tampa Florida… a huge, beautiful theater which was totally sold to 2600 people. I had 4 year old little girl on stage, to be my “audience Inspector” and verify for the audience that my Metamorphosis Trunk was, in fact, real and there was nothing tricky about it. Kneeling down next to her, I asked her what her name was, she whispered something, I could quite make out, so I moved a little close to hear and closer so her voice could be picked up on my microphone. When I asked her again, what’s your name, she replied in a very loud and clear voice, “I MADE A POOPY IN THE POTTY!” The entire audience lost it and burst into laughter. I cracked up and couldn’t even get my next line out. HILARIOUS!

How do you come up with your illusions?

Some illusions I think up from inspirations I get while watching a movie or listening to a piece of music. Other illusions I work on with other magicians and magic consultants. I’m a huge believer in the concept of Napoleon Hill’s “Mastermind.” Collaborating with other like minded people causes an amazing synergy and can only create more superiors results, so I love working with other talented people in our industry.

Are audiences harder to impress in a modern world where technology is so rapidly changing and growing?

I’d have to say no, because the way I see it, no matter how many cool new gadgets there are, no matter how fast we can communicate with someone over the internet or via satellite, at the very heart of us is still a human being; a human being who is made up of the same DNA that our parents, grandparents & great grandparents had generations before us. And the cool thing is that built into our DNA is wonder. That’s where magic comes into play. In the same way that music pleases the ear, and a good meal pleases the pallet, magic challenges the mind and feeds our natural born wonder & curiosity. People often thing the magic is about the secret, when in reality its about the experience and the feeling YOU get when your mind is challenged into thinking… is she REALLY FLOATING IN THE AIR? Or did he REALLY SAW HER IN HALF? So no matter how advanced we get with our technology, the one thing that will never change is the feeling an audience gets while sitting in a theater watching LIVE magic.

What are your hobbies/interests?

I love working out. I grew up a skinny kid, and then in my 20’s discovered fitness & bodybuilding. I love going to the gym and pushing myself to new limits and then seeing how I can transform my body. I am also a big fan of 80’s & 90’s TV shows like Three’s Company, The Golden Girls, Diff’rent Strokes, Full House, & Seinfeld!

Can you make my Wife/Husband/Kids/Mother-in-law disappear?

Of course…anything is possible! But Only for a few minutes, then they have to reappear… It’s The Magic LAW! 😉

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