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Brad Ross has reinvented the art of magic as the ultimate form of family entertainment, sweeping together the grandest of magical traditions with a modern boy-next-door charm, wrapped up in an incredible journey into the world of magic, that you’ll never forget!

  • Written by Jim Steinmeyer
  • Directed & Choreographed by Jinger Leigh Kalin
In his all new show, “Unbelievable!” International Star Illusionist Brad Ross has brought a new approach to a classic theatrical art...the art of magic! Unbelievable is a celebration of magic and wonder, but even more, it’s a way of looking at the world around us.  Brad has assembled a collection of astonishing wonders. And through his performance, he's inspired audiences to look for the magic in our every day lives, to remember the amazement of childhood.  The show offers audiences a look at magic from an insider’s point of view. Brad shares his inspirations, first following in the footsteps of great magicians, and then, being inspired to create his own distinctive path. unbelievable-photo-collage-website-1 Starting with the classical world the illusionists, we see where tradition meets innovation, and childhood wonder meets expertise. In the process, the audience discovers the appeal of the impossible, and the magician’s continual goal of surprising and inspiring. It’s a modern magic show, presented with family-friendly fun and witty honesty. You’ll find “Unbelievable!” to be an engaging, magic review show with hilarious comedy, jaw-dropping spectacle, and lots of audience involvement & participation – the perfect fit for a family audience. The show keeps kids entertained while WOW-ing the moms, dads and grandparents with world-class illusions. For centuries magic evolved and changed with its times, even combined itself with theatricality, music, and choreography to tempt audiences with marvels. This ultimate form of family entertainment has been reinvented yet again... and this time, by magic’s brightest star, sweeping together the greatest traditions and broadest marvels with an approachable “boy-next-door” charm... Brad Ross’ magic is truly a collection of, the unbelievable. But it’s more than just a magic review show. Appealing to every generation, from kids to grandparents, “Unbelievable!” is an exciting guided journey through the world of magic, told first-hand by one of America’s leading illusionists. Highlights include a chance to experience some of the greatest magic from around the world—from Japan, India (“Bollywood!”), Egypt and Europe. Throughout the show, we experience Brad’s dreams come to life, his favorite illusions, and even get a “behind the scenes” glimpse (almost!) of how a magician accomplishes his miracles. (But the audience ends up mystified, just the same.) Brad has a dynamic stage presence, which is equally warm and welcoming as he invites children and adults, on stage, to experience magic like they’ve never done before. Audiences often comment how well Brad relates to kids and how much THEY love HIM! The adventure awaits as you participate up close and hands on; even witness an audience volunteer becoming a magician, in a side-splitting vignette. Best of all “Unbelievable!” is filled with colorful, Broadway-style magic, dazzling choreography and original marvels. A cast of 6 dancers completes the picture, filling the stage with action and elegance, and assisting Brad with his magic. Brad performs his signature “cutting a lady in half” variation—he does it twice as fast, twice as spectacular, with two ladies simultaneously! He demonstrates the art of magic with a dynamic, split second escape, by reading the minds of his audience, and with an amazing levitation mystery, The Fireflies, in which a lady floats high above the heads of the audience, but suddenly disappears, transforming into hundreds of twinkling fireflies. Brad’s experience with theme parks, cruise ships, touring shows around the world, as the star of “Mickey’s Magic Show,” and as the recipient of the prestigious Merlin Award for “Best International Family Entertainer,” has made him one of the most experienced and respected performers in this field. With “Unbelievable!” he presents his own show of spectacular illusions, charming audiences with his humor and creating lasting memories with his magic. For availability & booking worldwide, please CLICK HERE, or contact our office at 877-322-BRAD (2723) / email info@bradross.com


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