9 Dec 2018

Looking After Your Pets This Winter

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10553905_10204513805674469_1690544058339559683_oLooking After Your Pets In Winter Everyone knows how much I love my dog Merlin and we wanted to pass on our favorite tips to keep your fur babies safe this winter! Everyone wants the very best for their pets, so with the colder months approaching, what can we do to ensure that dogs and cats continue to enjoy a good quality of life even when the thermometer’s falling? Whether it’s a change in routine, additional clothing, a warmer bed or even a vitamin supplements, read on for some great tips to keep your pets in great shape when the weather’s turned chilly. Avoid Unnecessary Clipping Whilst some animals, particularly long haired dogs, benefit from clipping in specific areas for hygiene reasons, in winter it’s better to allow hair to grow in order to provide essential insulation. There are many breeds, including lhasa apsos and poodles, which need their hair to protect them from the cold. Check Your Central Heating Although a warm environment is important for dogs and cats in order to prevent hypothermia or frost bite, for some animals with thicker coats, turning up the central heating can make them unpleasantly warm. Ensure that there is a cooler spot they can retreat to if necessary and that their bed isn’t near a radiator or other source of direct heat. Use a Coat if Necessary If your dog’s ancestry is tropical or temperate, or if they have thin hair, they may find winter walking is too cold to undertake without a dog coat. These handy items come in all shapes, styles and sizes, ensuring your dog is protected against the elements. In extreme conditions there are also dog boots available which offer non-slip protection against ice and snow. Ears, tails and paws are particularly prone to frost bite, so ensure that in very cold weather walks are short and that your pet is adequately protected. Consider Supplements Just like humans, dogs can become run-down and prone to illness at this time of year. Check with your vet about appropriate supplementation to aid their immune system, helping them to fight off any bugs which come their way. These simple tips will make life far more comfortable for your pet during the winter months, ensuring they enjoy optimal health and well-being. Remember to pay particular attention to very old dogs and puppies, as animals during these life stages are particularly vulnerable. Some simple preparations now can go a long way to ensuring your dog has a healthy and happy time this winter no matter how low the temperature falls.
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Looking After Your Pets This Winter

Looking After Your Pets In Winter Everyone knows how much I love my dog Merlin and we wanted to pass on our favorite ... Read More