21 Aug 2013

Inexpensive Family Entertainment Ideas

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Everyone is trying to save a few bucks these days and unfortunately, it seems that the first place these cuts are made are the “extras” like family entertainment.

As an entertainer, I always treat my family to entertainment FIRST!!!  Thanks to ideas like the ones below, cutting back doesn’t have to mean going without.
  • The Public Library: Thanks to all of the technology we have at our disposal, many of us seem to forget about the public library and all it has to offer. Yes, it’s great for finding books and even renting movies for nothing (as long as you return them on time) but there also many activities that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Kids are free: Taking your family out to eat can be expensive, and because of this many families forego this special treat. Rather than missing out on an enjoyable experience, pick a night that your favorite restaurant offers a “kids eat free” night.
  • Major Sports = Major Expense: Instead, why not try a local high school game or minor league events. More times than not, kids are free or deeply discounted.
  • Cheap fun at home: Finally, you can always plan a fun family night at home. Camp out in the back yard, build a fort with the couch cushions, have a family game night or movie night.  Ya might even check out my store where you can grab my all new Kids Book, "Hocus-Pocus Al-i-Mi-Choo" and make your very own magic tricks at home.  Once you practice them, try putting on a magic show for the other families in the neighborhood.
As you can see, even if money is tight you can still do things your family will enjoy. Be sure to comment below on any money-saving tips you have to share with families just like yours! Till next time… Always Believe In The Magic of Your Dreams, BRAD ROSS
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